Aspirational vs. Objectively Achievable Goals

Goal setting is part of the New Year Tradition.  It is also a good business practice.  Too often the goals we set are aspirational versus objectively achievable.  For example: have a better work life balance, don’t stress too much and increase my income.  Ok as a start, but what is the measure for how you will know if you have accomplished your goals particularly the more squishy ones.  So make it more concrete.

“Have a better work life balance” could convert to have a firm ending time to my work day at 5:30 or have 1 date night with husband per month.  “Don’t stress so much “converts to begin each day with 5 minutes of quiet reflection or take a 10 minute walk during my lunch.  “Increase my income” could be “dump non-productive, time sucking for little money client” or “revise pricing to account for inflation and increase in my level of expertise” or “project revenue and cash flow to determine amount of income needed for 5% raise per quarter in 2016.”

Carol Bowser, Conflict Management Expert

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