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Why are they ignoring your resume?

Any job seeker knows the frustration of finding the dream job and laboring over the perfect resume only to hear nothing. I’m not sure any of us has definitively cracked the code on what gets your resume to the top of the pile, but here’s a good article that shares 10 reasons why hiring managers

Please Tell Me You Already Have a Networking Card

Everyone should have a networking card ready to go, particularly those who are looking for a job. I would go one step further though and recommend that everyone have a networking card. These days when you can have them printed up quickly and expensively (Vistaprint often runs free offers – you pay shipping and handling),

Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Initiative

Ever thought about starting your own small business? You’re in good company! Women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurial start-ups and military spouses – by and large – have the skills and tenacity to make great business owners. Anyone who can manage a household through multiple PCS moves and the deployment tempo we’ve experienced