Big News from Google

Did you hear the news? Google recently announced they will now be providing new tools and resources to help service members, veterans and military spouses find employment, grow their businesses and learn new skills to take out into the civilian workforce!

Here’s a breakdown of their new offerings to make it easier on our military and veteran communities:

  • Cloud Talent Solution – Searching for jobs will now be a bit easier for veterans and transitioning service members through Google’s new Cloud Talent Solution. Your service member or veteran will now be able to enter their Military Occupation Specialty Code directly into the Google search engine that will pull up a slew of civilian jobs around them. While this is geared heavily to transitioning service members and veterans, Google isn’t leaving military spouses hanging on the job-seeking front.
  • Google has recognized that over 690k military spouses struggle with job security due to our frequent relocations. That’s why decided to double down on their philanthropic efforts by granting $2.5M to the USO in order to provide scholarships for 1,000 transitioning service members AND military spouses! But these aren’t just any scholarships. As part of their Grow with Google initiative, the lucky recipients will have the chance to obtain a Google IT Support Professional Certificate; creating a pathway to careers in the IT field and helping to secure your earning potential for years to come.
  • They’re also working to ensure veteran-owned businesses are better able to leverage the power of the world wide web by offering specific “veteran led” business designation on their Google Maps and Search listings to make it easier for everyone to find and support these businesses. Right now, this offering is specifically for veteran-owned businesses, but they’re hoping to expand the  initiative in the future to include military spouse-owned business designations as well!

Overall, having Google on our side is a tremendous advantage in a world of consistent disadvantages. Thanks to them, we are now one step closer to closing the employment gap in our community.

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