Get Your Digital House in Order

Need guidance on how to tackle your digital presence in 2016?  The following tips are a great way to at least begin the process (you have to start somewhere). There are always new social media venues out there, but it always always better to diversify your portfolio, while focusing on the established platforms, before venturing out to the “new shiny.” Your current goals and missions should help drive your efforts.  Also, your online graphics should look good on desktops and mobile devices; high quality & resolution.

  • Social Media Roundup: Create a document listing ALL your social media. It is likely you forgot that neglected Tumblr account or YouTube channel.
  • Google: Google yourself and your business and set up Google Alerts for them.
  • Google Business: Claim your Google page, if you have not already. There is a new dashboard, so best to start there
  • LinkedIn: Review your LinkedIn profile (personal & business) to be sure everything is up to date. You can choose to hide edits or broadcast them while doing so.
  • Facebook: Review your Facebook personal page and business for correct info, especially your email.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest for business and personal generates great SEO for your website. If you blog, make sure to pin all your posts. Warning – can be a time suck!
  • Twitter & Instagram: Don’t forget to follow back worthy followers and check your profiles to connect it to your business.
  • Online Reputation: You should at the very least, check this in your Google searches; claiming Yelp, BBB or Angie’s List if applicable
  • YouTube: Still a great platform to work with.
  • Snapchat: This is a tough one to establish and monitor, but depending on your audience, may be something to invest in.
  • Periscope: The “new shiny” social media, worthy of at least checking out.
  • Hootsuite, Apps & Browser Extensions: There are a lot of tools out there to streamline your social media presence. Do what works best for you and don’t be afraid to try new things. Hootsuite is always a great one to investigate.
  • Google Analytics: At the very least, your website should be connected to this. You could spend weeks studying it as there is more information in there than you will likely ever need, so be careful with your time and effort.

If social media is a chore to you, hire someone to help get you streamlined, make a plan, and/or manage it.  It is not a “one size fits all,” and measurement of time for ROI is always something to consider. I stand by what I’ve alway said, social media should be FUN!

Greta Perry, Digital Strategy Expert

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