How to Network at a Conference

Attending a conference and making the most of it is about so much more than just soaking in all the new information you’ll learn. The other half of the equation is around all the people you’ll get to meet and network with.

Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to expand your network and catch up with friends and business acquaintances you may not otherwise get in person time with. To optimize these opportunities, you really need to get a plan in place well before you show up. Take some time to research the attendees, speakers and sponsors so you know who will be in attendance and set some goals around who you’ld like to meet and speak to. It’s easy to get overwhelmed once you’re in the midst of an event, but if you’ve done all your homework ahead of time, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve done something significant to move your business or career goals forward. Here is a great tutorial on Networking at a Conference.

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