How’s Your Digital Brand Working Out For You?

For many of us, our websites and pages are the first impression we’ll leave with potential clients and customers. How happy are you with YOUR brand? Our NMSN expert, Greta Perry of Kickify will be teaching us how to optimize our digital brand at the upcoming summit when she’ll share digital best practices and trends that you can use immediately to boost your brand. She will also point out common mistakes made that can damage your brand and prevent you from reaching your goals. Lucky for us, Greta’s interested in using real life examples for her presentation which equates to a big win for a few lucky folks.

If you’re interested in having Greta take a look at your digital brand, leave a comment with a picture, video or explanation of any kind on our NMSN Facebook page and tell us why you are in desperate need of an online digital analysis. You have until Friday, September 19th to comment. Winners will be selected by our team and notified by email. We will also post the winners on our Facebook. Each prize is valued at $270.

Things to know before you participate: your analysis will be used as part of a presentation at the conference, so make sure you’re okay with this before entering. Those who are or have been clients of Greta Perry are excluded from participating in this promotion – but no worries – we have other giveaways coming up shortly, so check back! Good luck.

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