Living the Sweet Life

You can’t drive through Georgetown without seeing the line of people snaking down the street waiting for the opportunity to buy their Georgetown Cupcakes. It doesn’t matter how many other cup, cake shops or bakeries open up around town, the line never diminishes. That, my friends is the mark of an incredible brand. Sisters, Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne are living the dream. They both had the courage to leave their jobs to pursue their dream of opening up a bakery. Since opening their first store in 2008, the sisters have expanded their business with outlets in: Georgetown, Bethesda, Atlanta, LA, Boston, New York and a nationwide delivery service for everyone else.

Aside from the shops, they have written best selling cookbooks and starred in a reality TV show called DC Cupcakes. My favorite of all the episodes from the show has to be the Operation Cupcake episode when they offered to send 10,000 cupcakes to the troops deployed overseas.


Maybe it’s because we heard stories from our friend who was a pilot on the plane that flew the cupcakes over and another friend who was in charge of handling the logistics who both raved about the entire experience, but by the time the episode was ready to air, we were already die hard fans. They talked about the sisters’ humility and their passion for supporting our servicemembers and their families. Everyone I know who has ever met the sisters is crazy loyal to the Georgetown Cupcake brand. They stand in that long line EVERY time they come to DC just for the opportunity to get their hands on some of those yummy cupcakes, but more importantly, to support the sisters.

We all struggle to build a brand that engenders this kind of loyalty and passion. That’s why we’re so happy that Katherine and Sophie will be joining us at this year’s summit. We’re excited to hear from them about their lessons learned and tips for our entrepreneurs. Even if you don’t have a small business, come join us and be inspired by women who weren’t afraid to make the leap and go after their dreams.

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