New Legal Resource for Virginia Service members, Retirees, Veterans and Military Families

Service members, retirees, veterans and military families living in Virginia now have a new resource thanks to Attorney General Mark Herring and his team.

Our founder and president, Sue Hoppin was on hand to help launch the new guide and likened it to the PCS binders we compile ahead of each move. “We would compile all the information we’d need for the next duty station to include checklists and resources for each member of the family. But by the time we’d figure out all the service and installation specific resources, we’d run out of steam, figuring we’d get to the state and local information once we got on station. As soon as we know we’re moving, questions start floating around in our heads:

  • Is my college age student going to be eligible for in state tuition?
  • How easy is the state going to make it for my child to transfer in and graduate on time?
  • What’s going to happen to my certification? What kind of reciprocity do they have in place?

and so on and so on and so on….

Any of these issues can take hours/days/weeks/months to research during a period of intense stress. This new resource picks up where we would normally leave off. Military spouses are going to be excited because one of the biggest challenges of they face as they move from state to state is figuring out the benefits available to them. This guide brings together everything they need to know about Virginia in one place and puts it at the fingertips.”

Download the free resource HERE.

And to see some footage of the event, click HERE.


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