Show Me the Money!


First, a show of hands – how many of you volunteer in the community? How many work for a nonprofit? Perhaps some of you have started nonprofits. Then have we got some sessions for you!

As military spouses, the majority of us are involved with nonprofits in one way or another. Whether we serve as a nonprofit founder, employee, volunteer or board member, it behooves us to learn what it takes to be a successful, sustainable and impactful organization. We’ll learn why some seem to fare better than others and how we can better guide the decision makers within our organizations.  

Finally, we all want to do good in the world and leave the details to others. Unfortunately, in today’s world we live in a reality of diminishing donor dollars and we’re all scrambling to do more with less; we’re ALL in the business of fundraising and wooing corporate donors.

We’re so excited to have Renette Olekwicz, the former director of the Freddie Mac Foundation join us to present: Key Characteristics of Successful, Sustainable and Impactful Nonprofits then Strategies for Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships.


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