Alex Quade

ALEX QUADE is a war reporter and documentary filmmaker, who covers U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions.  She’s the only reporter ever embedded long-term with these secretive units downrange, with no crew or support.  Extreme storytelling and silent risk-taking lie at the heart of what Quade does.  She’s received 2-Edward R. Murrow Awards, group Peabody and Emmy’s, and the Medal Of Honor Society’s Excellence in Journalism Award.  Quade started her career at the White House; she’s worked for CNN, FOX, The New York Times, & The Washington Times covering hostile environments.  Her films include:  “Horse Soldiers of 9/11”, narrated by actor Gary Sinise, and “Chinook Down”, investigating the fatal shoot-down of a helicopter in Afghanistan.  Quade was supposed to be on that helicopter.  She serves on the Board of Military Reporters & Editors.  Hollywood released a film about Quade’s Special Forces reportage, called “Danger Close”; Hachette Books will publish her first book on Special Forces in 2019.

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