Nancy Belmont

Nancy promotes human flourishing through public art, workshops and coaching. In 2015 Nancy launched the Courage WallTM, an oversized chalkboard that asks passers-by to complete the phrase, “I WISH I HAD THE COURAGE TO…” Nancy was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show, broadcast internationally on Al Jazeera Network, and featured in The Washington Post, Forbes and ABC News. The project was even tweeted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

In 2016, she launched the UNITY ProjectTM, which went viral with an Upworthy video capturing over eight million views. To-date over 750 people from 47 states and 30 countries have downloaded the project’s manual to bring UNITY to their communities.

Through her Flourishing PlatformTM, Nancy conducts one-on-one coaching, leads workshops, and works with teams to help them find their essence and give it voice. She has also worked with world-class organizations like United Way Worldwide, the Architect of the Capitol and the U.S. Army to build brands, enhance cultures and develop leaders.

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