Team Rocky Mountain Summit

We recently kicked off the Rocky Mountain Summit with a planning session where we brought together helping organizations and individuals in the Colorado Springs area to learn more about what we’re each doing to support military families. Over a wonderful lunch catered by a veteran owned business, we learned more about the good work happening on the front range and had the opportunity to share more about what we hope to bring to the table with our June Rocky Mountain Summit.

We walked away from our discussions with a whole new appreciation of why Colorado Springs is such a great location for military families. Here are our top 5:

  • First of all, it’s a natural treasure. If you are at all outdoorsy, you will love all the opportunities available to you. From hiking the incline to skiing with the steeply discounted Epic Pass, Colorado Springs is perfect for families looking to connect with nature and build memories.
  • Military helping organizations are already well connected in the area. This means, it’ll be easy for you to find the resources you need. Our hosts at the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center provide a host of resources off the installation and our very own, Janet Farley will be kicking off a military spouse initiative for them, so look for even more enhanced offerings very soon!
  • Military spouses hold positions of influence all over Colorado and we’re so thrilled to be introducing you to them at the Rocky Mountain Summit.
  • Corporate partners such as USAA have a huge presence in Colorado Springs.
  • In addition to working in a more traditional setting, military spouses are freelancing and starting businesses and organizations in Colorado Springs.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in June and connecting you with some wonderful community resources! Make sure you register now to take advantage of Early Bird pricing. As soon as you register, we’ll add you to our Rocky Mountain Summit Facebook Group so you can start networking with these movers and shakers immediately.

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