Women in STEM

At iRelaunch, one of our most important initiatives is the STEM Reentry Task Force we are co-leading with the Society of Women Engineers. We are working with seven engineering-based companies that form the founding membership of the Task Force, each of which has committed to pilot a reentry internship program for returning engineers over the next year. The founding members of the Task Force are Booz Allen Hamilton, Caterpillar, Cummins, General Motors, IBM, Intel, and Johnson Controls. Reentry interns who have transitioned to permanent roles at each of these companies will be featured at next year’s Society of Women Engineers annual conference, WE 16, which attracts over 9,000 engineers.  More info is here.

This is the only initiative that focuses on broadening the number of women in the STEM sector from the experienced hire side (the others are for young girls and women).  We hope to bring this model to other sectors.

Carol Fishman Cohen, Career Track Expert

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